Thursday, 31 January 2013

Camera Shy

Image Source: Buchanan

Just before Christmas I bought a SLR Camera. I had promised myself that I would buy such a camera when the compensation case was completed. I saw it as a reward to myself for putting up with all the tough times I've had during the last four and a half years.

It was then that the lawyers told me it could be another two years before we reached some kind of settlement. This news came as quite a shock and I realised that waiting that long would just make me notice the time more. I also realised that if I bought the camera sooner It would add a new dimension to my life which could only be a good thing.

I used the camera a lot over the Christmas break, but during the recent spell of bad weather I had been avoiding going out and the camera had stayed in its case. Over the last weekend I could hear it calling to me and I decided to prise my son off his X-box and take him and the camera on a photo shoot.

The image above and the poem below, are both the results of an afternoon spent on a nearby beach. The best part of the experience was the very precious time I spent having fun with my son.

I hope you enjoy the poem.

Camera Shy

Carefully he lifted the camera from its case
and placed the broad strap around his neck.
He leant forward, retrieved the tripod
before he straightened and strode to a boulder
lying in the middle of the beach.
He then opened the tripod, secured the camera to it
ensuring that the lens faced the boulder.

Next he started collecting hand sized stones,
Each had two opposing flat surfaces
which allowed him to build a shy on the boulder.
Sitting in my wheelchair ten feet from the tower
I leant to one side and collected a handful of stones.
Meanwhile Marcus focused the camera on the shy
and selected the continuous shot sports mode.

We were ready and he began a countdown
Three – Two – One – Go,
simultaneously he pressed the shutter release
and I threw the stone at the shy – missing.
We tried again, and again, each attempt capturing
four almost identical images of the stone shy.
sometimes capturing a pebble as it passed the tower.

Then came the crack as the flying pebble
collided with the standing stones.
excitedly he pressed the view button to ensure
the image had been captured.
Tumbling from my chair I moved toward him
to inspect the results.

There on the display was an image of the collision,
The events of a fraction of a second
Suspended – there on the screen,
the rock had split into several pieces
and a cloud of stone dust hung
peppered with smaller gritty fragments

We smiled at each other and inspected the next image
which showed the shy as it disintegrated.
Quickly we moved toward the boulder
and began to build a new shy.
Both of us wore huge grins on our faces
as father and son shared a rare moment of fun together.

John Carré Buchanan
30 January 2013


  1. Perfect shot. To be able to capture that moment of the pebbles shattering, and the post gave a good glimpse of what took place moment by moment. Loved the thought of father and son spending good quality time together, and both being excited at this unique point. Lovely post John.

    1. Rum Punch Drunk, Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you liked the picture and the poem. It was great being able to spend the time with my son, Something the CRPS so often prevents.

  2. Awesome shot, great poem.

    I can read no further-the dreadful white on black is jumping everywhere!!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad you liked the poem and the photo.

      I am sorry that you find it hard to read white text on a black background. I am aware that people prefer to read different combinations of font colour and background. To this end I have written a piece of code which allows you, the reader, to select both the size and colour of the font that the post appears in.

      This tool can be found in the section headed "A Little Help For Your Eyes", at the top right of the blog.

      I hope that you are able to give the tool a try, being disabled myself I have made every effort to make the blog accessible to as many people as I am able.

      For your information there is a setting in Explorer that allows readers to display all web sites as a more traditional black on white.

  3. I'm sorry the case may last another two years - but you most certainly deserve the camera now! Well done for being so patient.

    1. Thanks Kitchen Worktops Guy, I guess the extended time will give me a good excuse to buy a new lens or something. LOL. All the best. John.

  4. Inspired me to get the camera out!

  5. Good shot! Nice poem explaining it. Nice too, that you were able to spend a day on the beach with your son. I hope you and he have many more happy days together like that. I'm tempted to make a comment about lawyers and insurance firms, but will resist, since I don't really know the situation. (My former partner and I went through something similar after a car accident in Munich in which the other driver admitted, without contest in any way, that he was at fault.)


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