Sunday, 5 February 2012

Early Memories UK IV

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As a child I was abnormally strong. I was walking at eight months and soon after that climbing and lifting things I shouldn’t be able to. My parents had all sorts of trouble with me as I had a normal child’s intellect and understanding, but the strength which was significantly stronger than my peers. By the age of six I could lift an adult from the ground and by my mid-teens I could beat most adults at arm wrestling.

As part of my on-going mission to redefine myself as someone living in spite of CRPS, I have had to examine and challenge many of my core beliefs. Among these is a self-image based perhaps too heavily on my physical abilities. Having had that prowess removed so abruptly, my self-image was effectively destroyed.

I wrote the poem ‘Early Memories UK IV’, intending it to be another of my early memories series. Having written it I realised that worse than my ego being destroyed; it had actually fallen below the zero of destruction into a bracket which I always had a problem understanding or even liking. This realisation has helped me to understand part of the self-loathing I have been living with since the accident. In effect what I am saying is that my poetry has, once again, helped me to take a step forward.

As for the poem; the event it relates is true; having discussed it with my mother she remembers the teacher being somewhat shocked. I hope you it;

Early Memories UK IV

My teacher needed to move the piano,
she asked the class to help her
but by the time they were ready
I had put it in the corner.
She couldn’t come to terms
with a five year old so strong,
but to my mind, an adult so weak?
it just seemed; so ........... wrong!

John Carré Buchanan
05 February 2012


  1. You were really that strong??? Incredible. Your blog is lovely. I noticed that you recently visited my blog, Thanks for leaving a comment. I just joined your site in your Google Connect, under the name Marcia Doyle. Want to come back and sign up on my GFC? I'd love to have you there!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I've just returned to and started following your blog which is great fun. As for the strength yes, it was always pretty handy, but as I say in the post above it ultimately made adjusting to the accident and CRPS much harder to endure. That said now I know, I am able to work on it and by so doing take another step forward. :-)


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