Thursday, 12 January 2012

Comfort Eating

I’ve been battling with comfort eating for a long time, often eating family packs of peanut M&Ms or Minstrels at a time. This is seriously bad news as I have put on quite a bit of weight and of course increased cholesterol and the risk of diabetes etc.

Determined to change my ways I decided to add the amount of chocolate I am eating onto my pacing schedule,(a list of pain management tasks I have to do each day to improve my ability to live with pain). The net result is that I have managed to beat the munchies, to celebrate I decided to write this poem. I hope you like it.

Comfort Eating

Sitting alone, in the dimly lit room
the depression came to a peak.
Nothing could stop it
and no one could help
I felt like some form of freak.

Deep in my brain a chemical change
Suggested I needed to eat.
My mind tried to fight it
It knew the whole truth
It didn’t want veg, carbs or meat.

It was craving for chocolate
and not just one bar
it told me I needed much more.
A family pack might do the trick
I felt I could eat a big Jar.

For the fifth day this week
the stash in my draw
called silently from afar.
As if a link from chocolate to brain
Kept shouting; ‘John you need more’

It wasn’t true, I knew it was wrong,
But it kept on calling my name
so I struggled and fought
and battled all night
determined not to feel shame.

It’s now a week later,
I’ve won every night!
The chocolate’s calls have diminished.
I’m using this win to improve my mood
and help turn the darkness to light.

John Carré Buchanan
11 January 2012


  1. What a big chocolate pic there! Enjoy your life is the most important. And even if your life full of pain, keep on smiling.



  2. This is great John - and I can so identify with comfort eating - dare I confess that a good few large Cadbury Dairy Milk bars got me through getting my last assignment done.....!!! I admire your willpower... mine is not great at the mo tho I'm working on it... Any tips welcome!

    I'm coming to realise that as you mention in your poem it's a matter of biochemistry where your brain is telling you it needs carbs/choc/whatever... There is a brilliant book called Potatoes not Prozac all about changing your biochemistry by changing your food... think it may literally change my life (over time not instantly unfortunately! :-) )

    Anyway this comment isn't so much about the poem itself as about the content of it but I really enjoyed it and appreciate the honesty there, thanks John. love Alex

  3. Verdi and Alex, Thank you so much for your comments they are very much appreciated. I'm hoping I will be able to maintain my will power and lose weight. I believe by doing this my life will become more comfortable and more enjoyable.

  4. John, I could have written that. Brilliant.

    1. Liz, Thank you very much for the kind comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I fear it is a common factor in the life of a person with chronic pain. I know several of the people in the support group I started have trouble keeping things on the straight and narrow.

  5. Mmm, so you've a sweet tooth? No more ice-creams for you! :-)

    1. JaninKa, I've been so good recently, according to my pacing plan, (Which lays out and records my excercise, stretches, sleep, pain levels and .......) no comfort eating since the 5th of Jan;-) but if that was a toblerone or Minstrels .....

  6. Love this poem John.

    I too love chocolate but would pile on the pounds if I left it unchecked. I try to eat really good quality chocolate (Green & Blacks Maya Gold is my favourite). Because it is so rich I can't eat too much of it, so I get my chocolate fix without all the calories.

    1. Karen, thanks for your comment. unfortunately I can eat the rich stuff in large quantities too so if I try that I really have problems.


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