Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Writer's Block

Having recovered from my recent Flare Up, I realised that the way I presented the subject matter in my last three posts was probably too downbeat for people to enjoy. I guess we live and learn!

Since I returned to the land of the living I have been looking for inspiration for some lighter poems on which to base my next blogs. Unfortunately I am still looking, so I will use a poem I wrote last time I got stuck;

Writers Block

Sitting on a rocky outcrop,
Trying to write a poem,
Don’t know what to write about,
My mind it must be goin’.

The pencil hovers o’er the page
Waiting for inspiration,
The empty page reflects the sun.
I bead with perspiration.

It seems a poem has found the page.
I’m not quite sure how.
I better quit while I’m ahead,
I must be goin’ now.

John Carré Buchanan
17 July 2010


  1. Glad you're better John. Hope the muse returns soon.

  2. Jakill, Thanks for the well wishes, I am looking forward to the return of the muse as it will give me something to do when I am not sleeping ;-)

  3. I think about times where I cannot share light, and wish to bash instead! I have a super secret blog where I bash and vent until my heart's content. Every time I have to do that, I find the life's light lesson I needed to learn, and then share. Even if I cannot find my own words, I will seek to find the meaning to share.

    I am not sure if this exercise would work with poets, I just know writing with passion on what angers me, allows to break through deeper than the surface.

  4. Kimmy, Thanks for sharing that idea with me, I do a similar thing. I have a series of folders where I keep ideas and parts of poems, I then pick up some of the ideas and work them further when I am more able to do so.

  5. It sounds pretty good. I hope you'll get some inspiration soon. Most importantly, that you'll get well 100% again.


  6. Tasha,Thank you for your kind comment and your well wishes.


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