Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Prayer of the Insomniac

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I have great difficulty establishing a sleep pattern. I regularly go for between 3 and 5 days with no sleep, or crash out for 24 hours. I have tried all the ideas covered by health professionals; no caffeine, routine, no excitement before bed, limit TV before bed, relaxation etc. I have done my own research into the subject during which I found the blog from which the image above came, but all to no avail. Uunfortunately when my leg is hurting 8+/10 and I can't escape the pain I still end up with my eyes looking and feeling like the one above. On one such night I penned this little poem and as I am currently awake at 04:30 I thought it was appropriate to post it.

Prayer of the Insomniac

Darkness engulfs all
yet sleep eludes me yet again.
Nothing can sooth the ache which consumes me.
The darkness creeps inside.
Let me sleep and not wake.

John Carré Buchanan
02 August 2011


  1. I feel for you John. My sister lost her husband nearly 2 years ago and has been suffering from the same problem. Love the picture of the eye.

  2. Lindsey, Thank you for your kind thoughts. When I saw the picture I knew that it had to be 'the one'. It describes that 'can't sleep' feeling so well. The blog it came from had some useful advice on sleeping, unfortunately it didn't work for me though:-)

  3. Last year, I was suffering from Insomnia too. I tried acupuncture, and I tried the natural meds too but it didn't work. I saw a doctor who gave me some meds that causes drowsiness and from that time on I was able to find the appropriate sleeping pattern for me. I hope you will be able to find a solution to your sleeping problem and that you will be able to rest well.

  4. Joy, Thanks for your well wishes. I'm hoping that as I get more in control of the pain I will be able to set better routines which will in turn allow me to get better sleep. Now I have stopped work I am beginning to get better at managing pain,so there is hope. ;-)

  5. Only rarely have I had to deal with insomnia and your poem helped me imagine what it would be like to have to go through that for days at a time, never knowing when it's going to creep up again. Powerful, John. I hope that you discover ways to *soothe* the ache and discomfort.

  6. Samantha, Thank you for your kind comment and well wishes.

  7. I too often suffer from insomnia. I have sleep meds, but they make me so drowsy the next day, that I cannot function. I can only imagine how much harder it must be to sleep when you have chronic pain. Your poem expresses the frustration and sadness of having to live with that pain. You are in my thoughts!

  8. Angela, Thanks for your kind comment. I was advised to stay clear of meds, particularly as in the long term they lose their effect and doses required need to rise. In my pain group we advocate routine, lack of stimulation (TV especially the news, Caffeine), relaxing and reading a not too exciting book. I hope you find relief from sleeplessness soon.


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