Sunday, 25 March 2018


This was based on the prompt 'Neighbours', which is the subject for our next Open Mic.


They arrived on the same day,
lived next to each other for 27 years.
It's said that opposites attract
and whilst each took life in their own stride,
they moved forward at the same pace
their cadence - harmonic.
Each leaving their own footprints on life's path.
Yet, they were inseparable,
joined at the hip,
that is; until Joe trod on a landmine
and left his right leg in a ditch.
The new neighbour
is not such a good fit.

John Carré Buchanan
24 March 2018


  1. Richard Fleming26 March 2018 at 17:39

    Great to see you back in print, John. You've been missed.

    1. Thanks Richard, It's good to be writing again.


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