Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Days Of Our Lives

This poem is dedicated to the people I knew in 26 Sqn RCT in Northern Ireland back in the late 80's early 90's. Particularly the ‘diesel dogs’ of B Troop and those that used the Half Crown.

Days Of Our Lives

Those were the days.
Young, carefree, invincible.
Corralled within a steel ring
topped with razor wire
as if to keep the fun in.

Outside the wire
‘Dickers’ tracked us.
Madmen bombed our cars
or threw explosives
cased in jars.

With lives at risk
we had to trust
that each would play their part.
For staying safe outside the wire
was really quite an art.

We worked hard,
then played hard.
Boy we had some fun.
Looking back across the years
friends, second to none.

John Carré Buchanan
08 September 2013


  1. best time of my life that was mate.Nice words, well captured.Ribs

  2. Now, that's a time when you knew you had friends that would cover your back and protect your behind. There was no time for messing about in them days as your life really did depend on it and friends were usually for life. What a visual poem John.

    1. Thanks Rum Punch Drunk, they were fantastic times and despite the difficulties we faced we had a lot of fun. It is great to be back in contact with some of them. Once again, thanks for your comment.

  3. Nice one John,brought back some memories.


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