Friday, 23 August 2013

The Poet

My apologies to my regular readers for my extended absence. I have spent the last year or so completely immersed in fighting CRPS and the combination of drugs and surgery have dulled my ability to think and write. I’m just a week from finishing a staged withdrawal from pain killers and whilst there has been a marked increase in pain, I can almost think clearly for the first time in quite a while. Hopefully I will be able to start writing regularly again.

This poem is about something that most poets experience at one time or another. The words; notebook, pencil and dictaphone spring to mind, but in those early morning moments reaching for the pad……. Well, we all know the score.

The Poet

In the darkness,
the thought,
perfectly formed,
races around a clouded mind.
So perfect.
So complete.
So, memorable.
It compels,
it swirls and churns,
demands attention,
confounds sleep.
Yet, in the morning
the rested mind recalls but fragments;
that, perfect thought,

John Carré Buchanan
23 August 2013


  1. I know the feeling! Sometimes too lazy to get up and scribble thoughts down...but by morning they are just a vague memory. Must be the sub-concious mind at work!

    1. Jenny, Thanks for your kind comment. Sometimes I wish the Sub-concious mind was not quite so..... Sub!

  2. Oh John, I never know what to say when I hear that you've been in pain or uncomfortable. I for sure know what pain is like, but absolutely nothing like what you've experienced. I truly hope and pray that somehow and someday you'll find a way of controlling what is happening to you.

    I am at least glad to see you here again though. Such a thoughtful poem John. Moments like these needs to be captured Immediately. No time for rest. Write the thoughts on paper, record it on your mobile, get that dusty diary out otherwise, just like you said 'yet in the morning the rested mind recalls but fragments'. Wonderful.

    1. Rum Punch Drunk, thank you very much for your kind message, things have been tricky, but at the moment I am feeling a little more confident about the future. The fact that I was able to write this morning was a real bonus and I am hoping there will be more to come over the next week or so. Thanks once again for your fantastic support. JB.

  3. I now keep a note book at my bedside as this happened so many times to me John. Sleep-writing is so much more complicated and easily forgotten :)

    1. Ian, Thanks for your comment. I do the same, although sometimes I still have the same problem in the morning as my writing at silly o'clock is never as legible as it should be.

  4. Ozzy Adrian Osborne24 August 2013 at 22:36

    Each time we are captured by these waking moments ? it is all so very real.. Very good John..

    1. Ozzy, Thanks for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed the poem.


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