Tuesday, 28 August 2012


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Channel 4 have been running a superb advertisement for the 2012 London Paralympics which start tomorrow. The advertisement is based upon the fact that the British Paralympic athletes are superhuman. Think about it; just for a few seconds please stop reading and think about it;

These people have a struggle to do things many take for granted, things such as; getting dressed, traveling to and from work, even mundane things like having a bath or going to the loo and that is before they start training. Each of them has adapted to, and overcome their personal difficulties and then gone further and learnt to compete at the very top of their chosen sports. This takes guts, determination and a singular focus on their goals.

These people are truly inspirational. In my eyes, the eyes of someone who finds just getting to tomorrow a struggle, they are magnificent, and yes they are in every sense of the word, Superhuman. My poem is dedicated to all of the Paralympians representing Great Britain, Go Team GB.


They stand proud.
Clothed in national colours
they form one body,
and that body exudes confidence.
The smiles on their faces betray them!
For these are smiles that know;
‘I can – I will’ and ‘I have’.

This knowledge;
born of unfathomable hardship
underpins all.
True - carbon fibre, plastics and alloys,
support bone, flesh and blood
but all are useless
without the knowledge.

So believe, British Gladiators,
believe and be proud.
And I will stand behind you
with a Nation that believes in -
and is proud of - you.

John Carré Buchanan
28 August 2012


  1. I always admire those that through their natural ability train hard and play a fair competitive game. As much as I would love every one of Team GB to win, Even if they don't, it's still a proud day. 2nd, 3rd or last is not a loss, the main thing is that you took part. C'mon Team GB.

    1. Rum-Punch Drunk, you are quite right every competitor from every country has undergone similar hardship and achievement and they all deserve our respect and wherever they come they have done well.

  2. Here, here! Paralympians have much to overcome before they can even get to the place where they can begin to compete. This world would be an amazing place indeed if regular folks had the same drive and determination as these awesome athletes do.
    Nice post.

    1. Jen, I Love the part in your comment about the world being an amazing place if folk had the same drive as the paralimpiyans do - so true. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Yes, they sure are super humans. I'd given up a long time ago if I were in the same situation.

    Hope you're feeling much better these days?

    1. Tashabud,
      Thank you for your kind comment. Sorry it took so long to publish it, it had been automatically placed in the spam folder and I missed it.
      I know what you mean when you say you would have given up, but I believe that sometimes the continuous striving to achieve becomes the best way to stay sane. It also provides a more rewarding life.
      As for my own health, unfortunately things are gradually worsening, this has been and will continue to be a constant theme in my life. The best I can do is to reduce the rate of decline by working hard on pain management exercises and techniques.
      Once again thanks for your kind comment

  4. I have felt so proud of the Olympians, but the Paralympians.......it goes beyond pride. You have said it all John, what they overcome to get to where they are in their sport is incredible. They are amazing people!

    1. Liz,

      Thanks for your support and your comment. All the best.


  5. I like your poem on the Paralympics. I think it is not limited the the British Gladiators. All athletes of the Paralympic Games earn our respect.
    I bow to them.

    1. Jens, Thanks for your comment. You are right, every disabled athlete and indeed disabled persson who strives to enable themself inspite of the dificulties they face deserves our respect.


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