Thursday, 16 August 2012

An Analogue Person In A Digital World

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Having not written much recently I thought that I would have a go at the themed poem for the next Guernsey Poets Open Mic. It is an interesting theme for someone who enjoys the digital world as much as I do. That said as I wrote; I did find myself coming down slightly on the side of the analogue world. I’m now looking forward to hearing what the other poets in the group made of the theme.

An Analogue Person In A Digital World

Everything’s going digital
It’s either noughts or ones
A string of undecipherable
Electronic off and ons.

An analogue wave is constant
It ebbs and flows with life
But the digital signal’s a sample
As if cut like a salami slice.

Analogue music is better
It has a much warmer sound,
but digital music is easy to download
or so its proponents expound.

Old TV’s used analogue waves
which always battled through
but a bit of stormy weather
and the flat screen says ‘screw you’.

You glance at the watch upon your wrist
If only to discover the time
in a digital world it’s 08:57,
in analogue - it’s just before nine.

The digital world has far more choice
Then most of us will need.
It’s driven by the rhythm of oscillating quartz
Which underpins our greed.

Oh - I’d rather live an analogue life
and savour every moment,
then live my life in a digital world
at the whim of a Japanese component.

John Carré Buchanan
16 August 2012


  1. Well done John, it is better than my attempt! can hear it on Monday evening. Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny, I'm really looking forward to Monday night.

  2. This is a great poem John, well done :)

    1. Thanks Ian, After such a long break from writing, I am glad you like it.

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    1. MIguel, Many thanks for your visit and your kind comment. I have dropped by your site and left you a Guernsey Flag.


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