Sunday, 11 December 2011


Every year I hear people complain about how commercial Christmas is. I listen to them complain about stress, expense, lack of time, who’s cooking what and ….Oh the list is endless.

Up until this year I have just got on with it and enjoyed it as much as I have been able. Usually I have been at home but occasionally I was overseas on operations. Whatever the case I have always tried to enjoy what I see as a season of joy and happiness.

This year though there is something a little different in that this year I became a Christian, and as such feel better qualified to make a comment on the subject. I have done this in the form of a poem, which as a special treat I have turned into a short narrated slide movie. I hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know what you think?

Christmas in perspective

Leaves on the trees are gold and red
When the first advert is cast,
Like ripples in a pool the panic spreads
this year; earlier than last.

We rush to buy the most “in” gift
And find the perfect card
There is no thought of thrift
As we wrap paper by the yard.

As advent starts the rush is on
The final push has started
but stop and think at what has gone
and how this whole thing started.

Born of a virgin, in a stable,
The Christ child came to save us.
Shepherds, Magi and Heavenly host
praised the infant Jesus.

He lived a life of humility
to help his fellow man.
As son of God he gave his life
to forgive the sins of Man.

So stop the rush from shop to shop
Don’t battle through the throng
Don’t spend obscene amounts, just stop
And think where it’s gone wrong.

Remember those less fortunate
They’re starving, scared, alone
pray for them and share with them
you could open up your home.

Make this Christmas a special one
like it’s supposed to be
A time for sharing, a time for joy
And giving thanks for a little boy.

John Carré Buchanan
11 December 2011


  1. Thought was good.... Like the poem, picture style.

  2. Bryan, Thankyou for your comment.

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  4. Obrigado muito para seu comentário amável, me deu algum tempo para praticar meu português. UE sou satisfeito você gostou das idéias expressadas e das habilidades técnicas usadas.

    (Thank you very much for your kind comment , which gave me some time to practice my Portuguese. I am pleased that you liked both the ideas expressed and the technical skills used.)

  5. Very inspiring thoughts and ofcourse Christmas is not about the rush and excitement of the new things we shop and buy. It is about sharing the love and joy our Christ has come down to spread across.

  6. Elvirah, Thank you,I am glad you were inspired by my thoughts, and share my view of the true meaning of Christmas.

  7. Although your poem is actually quite good,
    and its sentiment is well-understood.
    That isn't where Christianity went wrong;
    but, they followed The Pagans all along....

    There's nothing holy about Christmas;
    indeed, it never was Christ's Birth.
    It is The Celebration Of Pagan Saturnalia,
    as practiced all over the Earth!

  8. Jeshurun.
    You are correct about the origin of the festival, and I believe that many scholars believe Jesus was born in September between 6 and 4 BC.
    The fact remains that the birth of Christ is celebrated by Christians around the world during late December / early January each year.
    My poem was simply trying to remind people that the modern interpretation of the “Christmas” period is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and not the invention of the credit card.

  9. Este blog é uma representação exata de competências. Eu gosto da sua recomendação. Um grande conceito que reflete os pensamentos do escritor. Consultoria RH

  10. Muito obrigado pelo seu comentário. Eu estou contente que você concorda comigo. Feliz natal.


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