Sunday, 16 October 2011

Saints Bay

I live a few hundred meters from a beautiful secluded bay called Saints Bay. The steep descent to the bay and the lack of parking mean that whilst it is one of the best beaches in Guernsey it is never too crowded. Unfortunately it also means that on most days I am unable to get down on to the beach too, but I hold the memories of the bay in my mind. I thought I would share these memories with you;

Saint’s Bay

The stone tower overlooks the bay,
round, grey and austere
it’s slotted windows ever watchful.

Down below two granite slipways
slide from land to sea,
red carpets of welcome.

Grey stones give way to golden sand
exposed by the retreating tide,
silver pools glinting here and there.

Around the bay tall cliffs
stand like sentinels,
clothed in vibrant green.

Waves rush ashore and withdraw,
their white petticoats
flowing over the sand.

Beyond the breakers
pink and orange buoys bob happily
waiting for boats to return.

Lying on the stones, eyes closed,
I listen to birdsong, wave rushed pebbles
and the chatter of children.

The heady scent of honeysuckle
and the fresh sea air
assail my senses.

The pebbles I lie on are hard,
but their smooth surfaces have been warmed
By the sun’s loving gaze.

Here in the bay of the saints,
eyes closed in glorious worship,
I am at home – Heaven.

John Carré Buchanan
12 July 2010


  1. Beautiful picture of this serene and beautiful place. Glad to be a new follower. I just joined OSBW and saw you there.

  2. Linda,It truly is a serene and beautiful place. When I am able I love to sit on the pebbles at the top of the beach looking at the fantastic view. Thanks for stopping by. By the way what is OSBW?

  3. John, how I yearn for a place like that in my life! Sometimes I wonder if I don't have a piece of heaven here because I don't take enough time to explore the world around me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing! It encourages me to slow down and observe my surroundings more profoundly. What is it that I truly love about Peru? I often find it so hard to explain this to others, but I know that part of it has to do with the nature around me here in the Andes. Thanks for having me reflect on this, friend!

    I'm so glad you reached out and I really look forward to staying in touch! =)

  4. The beach is the best place to reflect on life & enjoyed when you are left alone with the ocean, the breeze and nature & then you really feel you belong somewhere & feel at home...I like your poem...full of meaning & nostalgia take care John

  5. Samantha and Gaia, Thank you for your comments and complements they are much appreciated. It is easy to miss what you have; that is why I carry the Pebble . When I am in pain and my mood is not as good as it shoudld be using the pebble reminds me that there is great stuff out there to see if I just lift my head up and look. Beaches are a double edge sword for me because before the accident I used to love watersports but now that particular thrill is closed to me. That said I love sitting on the pebbles and watching the sea.

  6. Enjoyed reading it and i could picture it as well. Loved the way you said about warmth from sun's loving gaze..beautiful.

  7. swapnap, Many thanks for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. and really appreciate your comment.

  8. I’m glad you like Attitude and Change. Your blog is beautiful, thanks for the link. B

  9. B, Thank you for your kind comment and being my first contact with the Isle of my Birth.

  10. Guernsey is blessed with a coastline that ranges from golden beaches to rugged cliffs and old fashioned granite buildings in the town, it is truly beautiful. Have a look at the video on the Guernsey Tab for a better view.


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